Being a Small Business Does Not Make You Invincible to Hackers

Small business owners all-too-frequently believe that they won’t be targeted by hackers because they don’t offer anything of interest to cybercriminals. Since mainstream media outlets tend to solely focus on the “spectacular” large corporate and government breaches, it’s somewhat understand that this misconception continues to fester. But that narrative may be starting to shift – at least a bit.

The U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission recently stated that SMBs are “at even greater risk, and are far more vulnerable once they are victimized.” As the volume of attacks and lucrative profits continue to grow, all business owners – from Fortune 100 companies to small family-owned businesses – need to get serious about defending their business websites from being compromised.

A 2016 Cybersecurity Ventures report says the financial toll of cybercrime is expected to double from 2015 to 2021. Even with the skyrocketing costs of cybercrime affecting every sector of the global economy, mostly only large corporations have made significant progress toward mitigating this threat. Either by refusing to admit that they will be targeted or insisting that they already have sufficient protection, SMBs are still largely in denial about the clear fact that a business remains vulnerable as long its website remains unprotected or unmonitored.

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