Brazilian Insurance Industry Innovating Due To Local InsurTech Startups

Youse is the very first Brazilian InsurTech brand. It is the first local insurance selling service based upon an 100% online platform that belongs to Grupo Caixa Seguradora. Due to the way it’s operating, Youse can be inserted to the same group of companies that are bringing innovation to traditional markets to make them better and advanced such as Uber, Nubank and Netflix.

As an 100% native digital company, Youse offers personalized hiring of insurance policies in a matter of minutes through internet devices (website or mobile). There are over 1,000 possible combinations of services during the acquiring of a policy. Another new possibility brought to Brazil by Youse is the hiring of a policy with no need to consult any insurance broker during the process, making the service faster and eliminating steps.

The experience that companies such as Youse bring to the country is part of a global movement driven by innovation in the insurance sector. Last September a company called Lemonade was launched in USA, have been introduced as the first P2P (peer-to-peer) insurance company. Acting in residential insurance and planning to rapidly expand thought the country, Lemonade set as one of its goals to change the mindset on insurance services in order to emphasize its role as a social good, and not a ‘necessary evil’, which is close to Youse’s mission in Brazil. Like the Brazilian company, Lemonade offers fast insurance hiring thought internet devices, with no involvement of brokers.

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