Could Machine Learning be the Catalyst for the Digital Transformation?

Machine learning is the hottest tech trend these days and it’s showing up in all sorts of places in tech. Although it is deemed a high-security risk, many companies feel the pressure to invest in such a strategy (before fully understanding what they are aiming to achieve).

Service management software provider ServiceNow Inc. has surveyed 500 CIOs and has concluded that “many businesses are preparing for the widespread adoption of machine learning to automate decision-making.” This survey explores the strategies CIOs are adopting to realize value from machine learning and the competitive advantage for organizations that are advancing to decision automation.

Key findings

Almost 90 percent of the CIOs surveyed said that greater automation will increase the accuracy and speed of decisions and over half of them said that machine learning is one of the focus of their digitization efforts. Almost 70 percent believe that decisions made by machines will be more accurate than those made by humans.

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