Deep Learning is Creating a New Generation of Security Software

For consumer and enterprise users, viruses and malware are a never ending cause of trouble. However in the enterprise market there are bigger things at stake – businesses have much more sensitive data and services in place that can’t afford to be compromised in any way.

Year on year, attacks on enterprise networks have steadily grown, and recently a surge of intelligent malware and ransomware have been crippling networks and systems around the globe. These systems do have measures in place to prevent these attacks from happening, but they often tend to be from different vendors or don’t provide adequate protection from all possible fronts.

“On the operational side of things a lot of customers have different solutions that work well, but there are just too many different consoles and portals to log into when managing them all,” comments John Shier, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos, at GITEX Technology Week earlier this year. “It just creates a lot of confusion and frustration. Customers just want a central solution for their security needs, and that’s where we step in to help out. We help businesses to bring all these different components together in a simple way, so that security isn’t the thing that’s holding a business back, but driving your business forward. Each component should talk to each other so that the security overhead is kept to a minimum – everything is just in one easy to use space.”

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