Is Deep Learning More Important than Machine Learning

As our reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) grows, so do expectations that computers will come up with solutions for increasingly complex problems. In order to sate our appetite for AI, deep learning is coming to the fore. This edition of ExchangeWire’s Now & Next looks at why deep learning is proving more important than machine learning, its role within advertising, and whether its presence is a positive, or, as some believe, could lead to human extinction.

Brothers, but not twins

While deep learning and machine learning are both members of the artificial intelligence family, they are significantly different. As the picture suggests, we can think of deep learning as machine learning’s heavier, wiser sibling.


Although both are capable of making decisions based on data, deep learning systems use more data, which is filtered through a greater number of layers (or neural systems). This means that when a decision is finally reached, it is more informed and more accurate. The more data we feed deep learning systems, the smarter they become. The combination of graphics processing units (GPUs) and CPUs help expedite this process. Machine learning systems simply cannot make quick enough sense of this amount of data.

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