Hackers are Getting Better at Their Craft, How Will You Respond?

It seems like CSOs are always seeing flashing red lights on their security dashboards these days, warning them of another breach or risk of compromise. There are so many security events happening day in and day out that it’s difficult to decide what’s the top priority. That’s a good metaphor for the state of cybersecurity efforts across the globe – we’re in a constant state of flashing red.

That is, if we even see the attack coming, which we increasingly don’t. Recent breach disclosures, once again, show that not only do defenses get bypassed, but malware is also often able to sit inside a compromised network undetected for months collecting and exfiltrating massive amounts of data.

Hardly a week goes by without the announcement of some major breach. It’s gotten so that many attacks don’t even get reported any more unless they are especially spectacular. Did you hear about the recent Taiwanese bank compromise that resulted in US$60 million being stolen? No? Because not too long ago, that sort of thing would have made global news. But not now. The new normal in cybersecurity is that there is no more normal, unless you count that we are getting used to hearing bad news.

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