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Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery which is a new thing in India has been started at Vardhman Hospital Muzaffarnagar by Dr Anubhav Jain. Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery has a much higher accuracy when it comes to the alignment of the implant with the femoral and the tibial bone even over the computer guided system. The robots help with pre-surgical planning. Using 3-D imaging, doctors can plan each surgery around the patient’s unique anatomy. This helps to ensure the correct sizing and positioning of the implant. The robotic arm positions the saw blade in such a manner that it can operate in one plane only and therefore it is much more precise as it does not allow the surgeon’s hand to go in multiple planes. When the implant is positioned with higher precision there is much less wear and tear to the implant, bones and the soft tissue which increases the life of the implant.
Robots are quite expensive equipments and cost in excess of 1 million USD which is the reason that not more than 10-12 hospitals in India have this piece of equipment. In North India, Fortis Hospital at Gurgaon, Aakash Hospital at New Delhi, Amandeep Hospital at Amritsar and Vardhman Hospital at Muzaffarnagar have this device installed. Dr Anubhav Jain at Muzaffarnagar has trained at the the best centres in the world learning the art of Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery. Dr Subhash Jangid at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon also has the best training when it comes to Robotic Surgery in the joints. 
The cost of Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery in India is around 6000-7000 USD for each knee and around 7000-8000 for each hip. For both Knees the cost of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery would be USD 12000-13000 with 5 days of stay in the hospital.
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