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For the last 3 decades the tertiary care healthcare was getting established in the metro towns with the concentration of the specialists and superspecialists in the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Amritsar. The tier 2 and tier 3 cities were only served by small nursing homes which could be termed as `Mom and Pop’ shops as both the husband and wife promoted nursing homes giving a couple of specialties were dotting the skyline of these cities. For higher end tertiary care treatment the patients would invariably travel to the bigger cities. Chennai has more than 80 neurosurgeons while the entire north east would not have even 10.

Tải game 777 viên ngọc rồngThe competition amongst the various hospitals in the metro towns is so much that the Aya Ram Gaya Ram of the politics became the trend in healthcare. The movement of doctors from one hospital to another in search for greener pastures has become the biggest headache for the hospital managements. One top orthopaedic doctor in Gurgaon moved from one big hospital to another thereby creating a chain reaction which saw the movement of orthopaedic teams from atleast 5 hospitals to one another. The said doctor has now moved back to his previous hospital and in the process affected the career of several other doctors. 

Tải game 777 viên ngọc rồngDue to the increased competition in the metro towns some of the hospital chains are now looking to expand in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities thereby posing a serious challenge to the existence of the smaller nursing homes in these cities. The big hospital chains normally do not take tertiary care healthcare to these towns as the superspecialists are averse to moving to these smaller cities on a permanent basis. These hospitals end up providing the same secondary care services which the existing nursing homes are providing albeit at a higher cost. This affects the topline of the existing nursing homes and finally they have to shut shop. 

How Would the Nursing Homes Survive – The only way for the existing nursing homes to survive is to follow the example of Vardhman Hospital in Muzaffarnagar. Dr Mukesh Jain did his post graduation in orthopaedics in the year 1983 from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. After passing out from AIIMS he could have joined any top end hospital in the country but he decided to go to his hometown of Muzaffarnagar. Assisted by his gynaecologist wife Dr Nutan Jain they setup their practice in the dusty and crime affected town of Western Uttar Pradesh. In 2003 they setup a world class hospital for Orthopaedics and Gynaecology which had only 20 beds but the facilities were at par with any of the top end hospital in the metro towns. 

Their practice grew so much that by 2015 the hospital was overcrowded. He started building another 100 bedded hospital in a massive 6 acre complex. This is one of the most advanced hospital in the entire country with the facilities of Robotics, Hybrid Operation Theatres and complete range of diagnostics. The new Vardhman hospital is so advanced that the patients would now feel happy to travel from the metro towns to Muzaffarnagar to get their treatment done. Before any corporate group could enter the city and create a threat for the existing healthcare providers, Dr Jain has finished the scope for such an adventure. Most of the healthcare providers in the smaller towns have diversified into other businesses rather than investing on the expansion and modernization of their services. This has provided an opportunity to the big players to enter the hinterland and capture the imagination of the patients. Vardhman Hospital is set to open its gates to the patients towards the end of 2019. Take a tour of this wonderful facility through this image gallery.

The image above is courtesy Panjwani Architects Dehradun


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