Meditation is the Key to Good Health


Meditation is the key to good health thereby giving you a good quality of life. Meditating for 15 minutes everyday will take care of all your stresses which not only affects your mental health but also your physical health. The way for meditating could be different but if done correctly then the benefits are the same.

There are several kinds of meditation but my preferred is Sahaj Yog. In this type of meditation you concentrate on the 7 Chakras located in your spine. This helps in awakening your inner power and within 15 minutes you would feel refreshed and invigorated. For more details on the Sahaj Yoga watch my videos on the topic at the link given below

Nishat Chaudhary

Nishat Chaudhary is a Healthcare Consultant with an experience of more than 10 years. She has special interest in Preventive Healthcare and Digital Content Creation.

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