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A lot of residents in Gurgaon are migrants from other cities, states and even countries. One of the most common question on internet is to find out the best maternity centre or the best gynaecologist in gurgaon. Lots of digital marketing companies answer this question in favour of their own clients. This article will provide you an indepth insight into the maternal healthcare of gurgaon. I would like to classify the maternity services in terms of the cost which you would pay and which ones are the best in their own category.

Rs. 10000-25000 – Yes you heard it right. There are nursing homes which would do the delivery in this bracket whether it is normal or c-sec. These are very small nursing homes cum maternity centres which cater to the lower or lower middle class segment of the society. You would find such centres mostly in the older part of Gurgaon on the old and the new railway road, near bus stand, khandsa road, Basai Road, Jharsa Road or inside the colonies of older gurgaon. These centres mostly have DGO / MD doctors but some of them even hire experienced midwives to carry out normal deliveries. For C-Sec they would call a qualified gynaecologist. The services would be okay, not great but the cost justifies the quality of service.

Rs. 25000 – 50000 – In this segment you would find some of the best names like Sethi Hospital, Aarvy Hospital, Aryan Hospital,  Lal Nursing Home, Swastik Maternity Home, Chiranjeev Hospital to name some of them. Of these Sethi Hospital is the busiest facility because they also do a lot of other surgeries and have one of the best ICU setup if you may require in some high risk delivery cases. at Sethi Hospital is one of the earliest gynaecologist who came to Gurgaon in the late 70s. Similarly Dr. Ritu Jain, Dr Saroj Kumar and Dr Promille Malik are some of the other busy gynaecologists in this category.  There is no compromise in the quality of service at these centres when it comes to Maternity services but the facilities per se would not be to the liking of the upper middle classes who like a lot of fancy surroundings for the delivery of their baby.

Rs. 50000- 100000 Tải game 777 viên ngọc rồng– This is the segment where you would find most of the hospitals which are focusing mainly on maternity services. The top names in this category would be Apollo Cradle and Miracles Mediclinic in the older gurgaon and Cloudnine, C.K.Birla in new gurgaon. These centres have plethora of gynaecologists as most of the gynaecologists in the city are associated with one of more of these setups. The top names in these facilities would be Dr Pushpa Sethi and Dr Sadhna Sharma at Apollo Cradle and Miracles Mediclinic, Sector 14, Dr Meenakshi Sauhta at Cloudnine and Dr Aruna Kalra at C.K.Birla Hospital, Gurgaon. Dr. Ragini Agarwal of W-Hospital would also be in this range. These setups would have good neonatology services in case there is a premature delivery. The cost of would be in the range of Rs. 60000-120000 while the would be in the range of Rs. 75000-130000 depending on the category of room chosen by you. The cost would not vary for any gynaecologist that you choose. However it is always a safer bet to choose the busiest gynaecologist at these centres as they would give the maximum time to the facility. They would also have junior doctors under them which will provide continuity of care even when your gynaecologist is not present at the facility. Some of these centres can be exorbitantly expensive so double check the cost of the entire package and look for items which are not included in the package as the things may go out of your budget if you do not take care of all the things which might be required in a delivery.

Maternity Services at Tertiary Care Hospitals – Gurgaon has many tertiary care hospitals which also offer maternity services which is a kind of anomaly. Some of these hospitals are – Artemis, Fortis, Paras, Max and Narayana. All these hospitals have a proper maternity programme with gynaecologists, paediatricians and even neonatologists. The delivery packages in these hospitals are sometimes lower than the exclusive maternity centres. However some of these hospitals have kept very high packages to dissuade the maternity services. These hospitals were the top attraction for maternity services some 10 years back when the Maternity hospitals were not present. However in the present scenario one must avoid these hospitals for maternity related work and let them concentrate on higher tertiary level care in the fields of Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery, Organ Transplant and Cancer Care.

ConclusionTải game 777 viên ngọc rồng – If you have the budget to afford the Maternity Centres like Apollo Cradle and Miracles Mediclinic or Cloudnine then these will give you a great experience, wonderful care and happy memories. However hospitals like , Aarvy Hospital or Chiranjiv Hospital would give you equally good services without the fanfare associated with the Maternity Centres and that too at almost half the cost.

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