Life Lessons for Child-Understanding and Implementing

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Every child is a prince or princess for parents. They are apple of our eyes, our precious treasure! We all have planned the best for our children within our capacity and at times even crossing it. However have we ever thought if they are ready for the hardships that life may throw at them? Even animals leave their young ones away from their protection so that they may learn the survival skills!

When I was doing the summer internship as a part of summer internship program my seniors used to tell me this is your first interaction and practical experience with the corporate world. However life makes you learn most of the lessons in due course of time. However as parents we can always try and prepare our kids with experiences that we have learnt in our lives. 

At the young age peer pressure plays a very important role in child’s life. It can bring about a lot of changes that may be in thoughts, feelings, behavior and even opinion. We might feel that our child is very young to understand and get influenced with all this. In fact kids start encountering and feeling the effect of peer pressure as early as 9 years of age. In schools, within their friend circle and even immediate relationships they start forming groups which is a clear indication that they have started getting affected by other child’s personalities or thoughts. A very common example that we face is when your kid compares your car with his friend’s car and expects you to buy a similar or bigger than that. At times we are all at sea as to how to explain or handle this situation. In fact these are the example that we can set for our kids so that they understand the value of efforts needed to lead a life with amenities.

Kids learn most of the things through observation. Whatever happens at home or school has a huge effect on their overall personality. I am not directing my statement towards the negative observation but towards the positive side of it. The problem solving approach of parents prepare them for the future. These are the lessons that remain with them throughout their life. They keep them as reference and use them when they encounter similar sort of situation. For example if there is a financial crisis at home they see how parents react to it and the solution they apply. This becomes learning for lifetime in handling financial crisis. Now child knows if he or she is ever faced with such situation how to handle it in the best possible manner.

Apart from discussing about the career and life lessons parents should also introduce kids with the future challenges they may face. The best way to do so is to put them in such a situation on practical grounds. However parents need to be careful not to overdo it. It might also act otherwise on the psyche of the child, denting her/his confidence. For example even in younger age they can be introduced to small monthly pocket money which they should use frugally to survive the whole month. 

Another very good tried and tested method is to introduce them to role play. As per Dr Nidhi Saxena, Child Psychologist in Jaipur, Role play helps the child to actually get into the shoes and feel the situation.  Let’s understand this with an example wherein one of the parents play friend to the child. Give a situation to your child that you and I are in the same class and we have exam tomorrow. We have lot of lessons to complete. It is not actually possible for you or me to read all the chapters alone. So let us do one thing I will read half of the chapters and explain to you. You also prepare remaining chapters and explain to me, this way we will be able to complete the entire syllabus. Here kid will understand that if he is faced with similar situation in life then how to get out of it. Here he has learnt the importance of teamwork which is going to be useful for him in normal as well as work life. These kinds of small hypothetical situations can make the child learn important lessons of life in an easy as well as practical manner. It also gives good opportunity for the parents to spend quality time with their kids.

A very important thing that the child should learn is to accept the failure with smile. We are now quite liberal to let the child follow his heart. However there is no guarantee that he will be successful every time. Looking at film stars, sports persons, business tycoons can be very intimidating for the child. These successful people that they see and hear about are their role models that they want to follow. It is parent’s responsibility to show them the struggle that is there behind this success story, the hardships that they overcame through their
endurance and hard work. Knowing the real journey that they did to reach to pinnacle is definitely going to help them in their future. They will be able to understand that failure doesn’t mean giving up, it means to start a fresh with more focus, as the very popular songs says “kanton par chal ke hi milenge saaye bahaar ke”.


Parents want their children to walk on feather bed, have a blessed life but we all know that life is tough. The best we can do is to make our children so adaptable to various situations so that they can succeed in their lives.s

Anurag Srivastava

Anurag Srivastava has more than 15 years of Healthcare Experience both in Executive as well as Consultive Capacities. He has handled all the segments of Healthcare which includes Planning, Operations, Branding, Marketing, Purchase, HR and Finance

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