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These Burgers do come back to haunt you

Obesity is one of the biggest problem which is facing the Indian population even more than the Covid epidemic. The lockdown in March 2020 presented a wonderful opportunity to all and mighty to rediscover themselves and to prioritize their life goals. Suddenly the helps had disappeared and people were forced to do their daily chores. It was difficult in the beginning but soon the people started enjoying the forced workout on them. Lots of people reported getting into better shape but as the lockdown opened, things are back to square one. Maids are back, car washers are back and the pubs have reopened. We Indians are back to our sedentary lifestyles and the gains of the lockdown have been washed away.

Tải game 777 viên ngọc rồngObesity is undoubtedly the biggest medical emergency facing the mankind. It is at the root of all kinds of diseases including Cancers, Heart Attacks, Stroke, Diabetes, Organ Failure and even Covid fatalities. In the last 20 years the incidence of overweight in Indian women has gone up from 8% to 15% while the obesity has gone up from 2% to 5%. These numbers are again going to double up in the next 20 years. This means that by 2040 more than one in three of the Indian women will be overweight. This has been revealed in a study published in the journal Plos One. This does not suggest that the Indian men are any better. The obesity levels in the entire Indian population are on the rise and so are the non-communicable diseases.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is recommended for a healthy outcome for the pregnancy but it is important to gain the right amount. 
Equally important is to shed that weight post pregnancy. Often, women fail to do so, and end up gaining weight post pregnancy. The stress of handling the baby, sleeplessness and sometimes postpartum thyroiditis leads to hormonal changes. This influences the hunger and metabolism in the women’s body, leading to weight gain says Dr. Amita Shah, Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Apollo Cradle Hospital Gurgaon.

Sedentary jobs for both men and women coupled with junk diet and excess of sugary drinks causes obesity in young professionals. Most of the patients who come with spinal problems have obesity and weak muscles in the root of these problems says Dr. Arun Saroha, Director of Spine Surgery at Max Hospital. We strongly advise all the patients, especially the younger ones to go for weight loss if they want a permanent solution to the recurring back pain. However not all patients are able to follow the advise and they end up in the surgery room, adds Dr. Saroha. 

Older people are much more health conscious than the younger working people and this is resulting in obesity during the prime working life of Indian professionals. A very large number of Indian men and women in the age bracket of 35-50 years are obese and this causes deterioration in the joints much earlier these days. More and more middle aged Indian people are opting for Knee Replacement Surgery at a much younger age than their counterparts in other countries, says Dr. Debashish Chanda, renowned Knee Replacement Surgeon at Sethi Hospital and C.K.Birla Hospital.

Lockdown gave us the opportunity to reclaim our lives which had been taken away by long working hours. I took the opportunity with both hands and started going for long and brisk walks. I lost more than 10kgs of body weight and even though I was not obese, I feel that I have a much stronger body and more strong immune system, says Dr. Priyanjana Sharma one of the leading ENT Specialist in India. Most of the young patients who come to my OPD are suffering from Chronic Cold and Cough and this is because of the low immunity. Excess body weight makes you lazy and tired. This results in lack of exercise on a daily basis and you are a sitting duck for such viral and bacterial diseases adds Dr. Priyanjana.

As lockdown was imposed in the country we were really worried about our patients who were suffering from heart disease. Surprisingly much less emergencies came to the hospital during the lockdown period. This clearly shows that when people are being more active and involved in doing even the basic household chores, they tend to be healthier. Automation in agriculture and automation in the homes have taken away most of the work which used to keep us healthy. Whatever remained, has been handed over to the household helps. Doing household chores is not the sole responsibility of the women and this realization dawned upon most of the Indian men during the lockdown. How long this remains, is yet to be seen, says Dr. Anurag Mehrotra, Director of Cardiology at Siddh Hospital, Moradabad.

I think that we physiotherapists have failed our profession. It was our responsibility to keep the community in a better shape says Dr. Yash Fauzdar, Director Physiotherapy at Rehab Train. We were more focused on the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone surgery or suffered stroke rather than spreading the message of physical fitness. I have realized that Obesity is at the root of most of the postural problems and body pains. I am now a strong proponent of weight loss and stronger muscles for all my patients adds Dr. Fauzdar.

My new year resolution is to join my doctor wife in her quest for a healthy and fitter body, says Anand Sharma, a top MNC executive who recently broke the tibia bone while playing badminton during a family outing. We all need to understand one simple fact that our body is the only asset which we possess and no amount of bank balance can bring back good health. So stop running after the big bucks at the cost of your health and say no to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Tải game 777 viên ngọc rồngI would like to thank all the doctors and others who have contributed to this article through their bytes and the next article would be talking about the ways to achieve healthy body and stronger muscles with robust immunity.

Kuldeep Chaudhary

Tải game 777 viên ngọc rồngKuldeep Chaudhary has more than 28 years of experience across industries which include Government, Taxation, Insurance, Information Technology and Healthcare. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Healthcare and has handled all the verticals of Healthcare which include Healthcare Planning, Marketing, Operations, Purchase, Finance, IT, HR and Strategy. He has deep understanding of the Healthcare Industry in India

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