Innovative Insurance Startup Using Toothbrush to Help You Save Money on Dental Premiums

Image Source: Beam Technologies

Recently while doing some research on “The Internet of Things”, I came across some very Interesting start-ups I’m sure are raising the eyebrows of some of the larger players in the Insurance industry. One bold company that’s already using technology to give their customers unique benefits and better premiums is Beam Dental or Beam Technologies Inc.

Beam offers a variety of dental plans to companies that can then be offered to their employees or group. Each plan features what the company calls “Perks” which includes a beam® brush (Sonic powered, smart, electric toothbrush), Replacement Heads, Paste, 2 AA Batteries, Floss, and Free shipping. Then every 3 months they will ship new heads, paste, floss, and batteries to your doorstep.

But the really innovative thing about the plans are the Bluetooth brushes and apps they connect too. Pairing the brush to the Beam Brush App allows a 2 minute monitored brushing with games while you brush (great for kids). This brushing data is then sent to the beam data centers allowing them to review you habits, assign a brushing score, and adjust your groups’ premiums accordingly. The app also allows customers to review and manage people in their group as well as adjust some of the tooth brush settings.

Why would Insurers be interested in brushing habits?

Any Insurance company would love to know that their customers are brushing regularly helping to prevent cavities that could lead to larger claims. Any tools or data that allows the insurer to better communicate and understand their customers while promoting new offerings would be considered a win.

Beam is definitely thinking outside of the box when it comes dental care and customer engagement. By allowing technology and data to be the focus, they have created a unique yet familiar user experience using a customer’s existing mobile phone and a custom app.

Beam is a great example of how technology is helping startups forge new paths disrupting Insurance business as usual approach to policies and premiums. Perhaps larger Insurance companies should take notice of these start-ups as they offer a clear strategy in transforming outdated business models by implementing a 360° customer first approach to Insurance.

Find out more about Beam at their website  I was quite impressed with their website as well. I wish the best for Beam and I’m interested to see if their strategies are adopted by larger insurance companies as well in the near future. Happy Brushing!

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