Insurance In An Instant (Episode 1)

For posterity we post these Insurance in an Instant videos. We are playing with different ways to make insurance content more interesting, and this was our first attempt. Considering we threw this onto to Stephanie, she did great. If we create a series out of this we plan to add a lot more animation and not make it so formal. However, for our first attempt it was a lot of fun (we should post the outtakes, they are probably more entertaining!).

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Stephanie Thomas and this is your Insurance News in an Instant.

A recent Texas study shows that many are unfamiliar on some of health insurance’s most basic terminology. The survey asked Texans, ages 18 to 64, if they understood seven common insurance terms.

Researchers found at least half of those without insurance were unclear on five of the seven terms. The lack of confidence in terminology is nearly double that of those with health insurance.

As highlighted Vivian Ho, the co-author of the study, the Hispanic population also has the highest uninsured rate both in Texas and across the nation and law makers should consider their needs when developing and implementing policies about health insurance.

Capgemini & Efma recently released The World Insurance Report 2016, which examines how Generation Y customers’ adoption of new technologies is impacting traditional insurance business models.

Based on data from over 15,000 customers, this report addresses 30 insurance markets across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, covering both life and non-life segments.

You can download a free copy at

According to researchers, the amount of tweets happening on Twitter during a natural disaster can help emergency crews measure the hardest hit areas.

After analyzing data from millions of tweets and 50 metro areas from the 2012 Sandy superstorm, researchers found that the volume per capita of storm-related Twitter messages “strongly” correlated with the damage inflicted and insurance claims filed in the aftermath of the storm.

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