The potential perks of Autonomous Vehicles: more parks, less traffic, and more!

More than half of the world’s population live in urban areas and most Americans live in cities. These complex clusters of civilization are carved up by tunnels, highways and the thousands of parking lots that we casually overlay upon paradise. In cities like New York, London and Sydney, property prices are sky high and inner city living is in ever-growing demand. New developments create more congestion as more vehicles take to the road. With finite space and growing infrastructure burdens, something eventually has to give.

Enter self-driving cars! For decades they’ve been a sci-fi dream and now they’re becoming a reality. By 2020, it is estimated that 10 million cars with autonomous features will be on the road.

By 2030, completely autonomous vehicles will be pervasive and will transform our cities and lifestyles. They’ll change the nature of businesses, reshape the urban landscapes, affect which suburbs we choose to live in, and help us to save time and money. Even better, they could substantially improve our health and wellbeing.

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