Is lack of legacy system the key advantage of InsurTechs over traditional players?

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While partnering with insurance companies has its perks, insurtechs should be cautious about aligning with incumbents and forgoing the advantages of starting from scratch as full-stack carriers, according to a panel [...]

This new alliance may pave the way for blockchain usage in the insurance broker market

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Blockchain technology company Bitfury Group and risk and insurance advisory firm Risk Cooperative have entered into a strategic partnership to drive blockchain applications in the $60 billion insurance intermediation market. The [...]

IoT, Big data, and EPR are important for digital transformation

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To achieve digital transformation, North American companies are investing in big data, enterprise resource planning and Internet of Things technologies, according to a survey by enterprise application software company IFS. For [...]

Bots, why insurers are finding them to be a good proposition for their businesses?

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As more bots handle claims and perform underwriting tasks, should human employees be concerned? Human industry experts say there’s no need to worry. Insurers in the U.S. and overseas are exploring [...]