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The Major Ways IoT is Disrupting Insurance

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New technologies are influencing the shape of the insurance sector. This ranges from smart burglar alarms to big data analytics to offer ‘micro-insurance’ solutions. Another area is with connected devices. New [...]

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What are the Best Ways to Monetize the Internet of Things?

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While many of today’s IoT applications are deployed to bring about operational efficiencies and cost savings, companies are setting their sights on IoT’s other major benefit: growing new revenues. Flexible pricing [...]

IoT and AI technologies: The most attractive investment proposition for investors

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On the InsurTech front, artificial intelligence – in combination with the Internet of Things – is where the money is these days. A recent report from Accenture finds the combined number [...]

Is data accessibility of smart home devices a challenge for insurers?

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Insurance companies are big believers in the potential for smart home devices to boost the homeowners insurance line of business with better customer interactions. That’s according to a new survey from [...]