The trifecta: autonomous cars, the IoT , and big data

By 2020, there will be billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). From the Amazon Echos and Fitbits in our personal lives, to smart cities connecting everything from traffic lights, public transport and water supply systems, IoT devices are producing masses of data to improve virtually every aspect of the day to day.

The automotive industry has since risen to the challenge of applying the IoT to cars, with most premium vehicles on the road today already fully connected to a variety of devices including those that can access road data and road conditions, or even those that can call for help upon detection of an emergency.

With the IoT, owners will be able to use an app to access their cars remotely in order to adjust the temperature, check the mileage or even start the car, like a remote virtual dashboard, says Sven Hammar, founder and chief strategy officer, Apica.

Vehicles can now also be connected to external services such as, laundry and e-commerce transactions, enabling goods to be delivered direct to your car. All this means that the automotive industry is racing to deliver the ‘connected car’ on a grand vision to completely revolutionise the way in which people interact with their vehicles.

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