What Does Blockchain Have to do With Social Media?

Our rapidly digitizing world has opened up a whole range of new ways to market your brand, one of the most effective being through social media. Influencers have become an integral component of creating brand awareness, basically through word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations in an online environment.

Traditional media is becoming less and less popular as more people flock to social media networks. A total of 3.03 billion active users and a $77.3 billion digital marketing budget for this year shows that this is a booming industry offering plenty of opportunities for profit.

Online advertising is one way to go. However, 47% of people make use of ad-blocking software. This is where influencers come in. A total of 74% of online users use social networks to discover and research products and services before they purchase them, and, 49% of customers turn to influencer opinion before making a purchase.

Even though influencers are gaining popularity as viable and reliable marketing sources, sponsored content does not always turn into monetary compensation for them. Nevertheless, businesses see their value as 59% of companies aim to increase their influencer marketing budgets for next year.

By combining the transparency and efficiency of blockchain technology with social media, influencers will have a safe and simple opportunity to get paid for assisting companies with their online advertising strategies. In turn, companies will be able to work more efficiently in collaborating with influencers. It’s a win-win situation for both parties and the most effective way of doing business.

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