Where Will Your IoT be Computing?

Millions of different devices will connect to the IoT, and each device will allocate computing resources differently. You’ll need to determine where the compute happens whether it’s closer to the device, in the data center or cloud. Here are a few things to consider.
In case you hadn’t heard, the Internet of Things (IoT) is hot. Computing is moving beyond the desktop/mobile client paradigm and will soon inhabit everyday physical objects.

The IoT allows physical devices to collect data from their environment and transfer it over a network to another device, or to a central location for processing. As an example, I wrote recently about how my Honeywell thermostat is “smart,” meaning Wi-Fi-enabled and controllable via my Amazon Echo and the thermostat’s IFTTT connection.

The future is clear: Gartner estimates more than 21 billion connected devices by 2020, up from 4.9 billion today. By way of comparison, 2020 will see around 6 billion smartphones in use across the globe. The easy observation here is that it’s a ton of devices, all performing some kind of environmental interaction and all performing some kind of computing. This raises the question: Where will all that computing be performed?

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