Which Companies are Using AI in Law Enforcement?

The science fiction universe is populated by all sorts of crime-fighting artificial intelligence (AI) machines. David Hasselhoff had KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) in Knight Rider. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, relies on JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System). RoboCop was a well-armed fighting cyborg that melded man and machine. Today, researchers and companies are turning fiction into reality by building AI to fight crime.

In Europe, for example, scientists are developing a system called VALCRI (Visual Analytics for Sense-Making in Criminal Intelligence Analysis), a name alone that might strike fear into the hearts of criminals, even though we have no idea how you get an acronym like VALCRI with that convoluted name. VALCRI is designed to do all of the data crunching for human detectives, finding clues faster even than Scooby Doo (that rhymes!).

How? VALCRI can scan millions of police records, interviews, pictures, videos and other types of evidence to identify patterns and make connections that might be relevant to an investigation, according to a feature in New Scientist. A crime analyst on a new case must gather information from dozens of databases to find connections between incidents based on things like location or modus operandi. VALCRI can do the same job with a single click, New Scientist reported.

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